Playoff Points Fantasy Game: KochKrew wins 2018 championship race

After 35 weeks and nearly 1,400 season-long participants, our Fantasy Playoff Points championship came down to the final 25 players at Homestead-Miami Speedway.

The goal: Pick the NASCAR champion (worth 100 points), then navigate through a series of tiebreakers (worth 1-7 points each) to determine our game’s winner.

But guess what? EVERYONE failed on the main question. Not one player picked Joey Logano to win the title.

That meant the Playoff Points champion was decided on the other 10 Homestead-related questions, such as the highest-finishing non-playoff driver, how many cautions there would be and the time of the race.

Ultimately, it turned out there was one player who outdid the rest: KochKrew, who earned 19 points in the championship to defeat I-Hate-Keith-Rodden (18 points). You can see the championship race results below.

Congrats to the KochKrew, who will receive a prize of a hand-me-down media gift in the mail.

Thanks to everyone who participated this year. Check back in February for the 2019 game!

Name Points
KochKrew 19
I-Hate-Keith-Rodden 18
nickkocuba10 17
Drewgolden3 17
jordannilson 16
OhBoyWhatABeer 11
4stickers 11
LemWansleyIII 11
RickD 11
Luke_eld10 11
JD Dorman 10
Sand 10
JimElledge 10
bglittlefeatfan 10
ARsox13 9
josh_obrien 8
Nomorecoop 8
Clarinetbiter13 7
mwrjgrfan 7
Marlex Blanelowski 7
mikebirdrider 7
TalladegaVT 6
4thewin4 6
Rapptor 6
Bobby_Ince 4


The questions for Homestead were:

— Who will win? (100 points)

— Will the champion win the race? (three points)

— Will the champion lead the most laps? (three points)

— How many of the final four drivers will be running at the finish? (three points)

— Which manufacturer will have more drivers finish top three in points? (two points)

— Who will be the highest-finishing non-playoff driver? (seven points)

— Will the championship contenders finish 1-2-3-4? (one point)

— How many cautions will there be? (three points)

— What will the time of the race be? (one point)

— How many lead changes will there be? (one point)

— What will the margin of victory be? (one point)

— The tiebreaker is how many laps the champion will lead.